Civilization and Faith

As I enter the second half of my life and have lost some of the people that cared about me when I was young, I find it necessary for my well being that I believe in something more than juat the material world of the senses. A faith that I will see my deceased loved ones again, that there is a higher power and things will make sense in the end, that good actions are rewarded ultimately, and that we all have an immortal soul. Faced with the brevity of life on this planet, I need to believe that all the work I have put in to love, learn, and grow can be taken with me when my time here is over, and it will not ultimatly just be dust in the desert.


It is just this faith that I never get from the conventional media, and when I do watch the TV, I am bombarded by the existential logical positivism that is the official philosophical stance of our culture. It seems to me that we live in a technologically advanced but spiritually impoverished civilization, and anyone with a spiritual orientation is portrayed as a nut. Indeed, my faith and well being is constantly challenged by this society, and my response is to touch something greater than myself in the mysteries of nature, and the great art of past epochs. Like remembering a tranquil summer meadow in the midst of a fierce winter’s ice storm, it can be difficult though.


I  would like to invite you to check out my work in song, poetry and photography at


In song and in spirit,


Paul Kloschinsky

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