November 2013 Newsletter

I just returned home from a landscape photography workshop in stunning Banff, Alberta, Canada. It was the second time I have done a workshop there, and I think I got some great photos. The images in this newsletter are from my trip.

Once again, I loved being in the mountains and nature, and felt like a ballon that lost its air on returning to civilization. Modern society with its commitments and schedules can feel so confining. The world of nature never fails to make me feel centered, tranquil, and whole.

The majestic mountains, forests, lakes and skies all suggest to me the presence of something best called the sublime. That is, those awe inspiring and potentially terrifying forces that lie beyond our control. The world of nature, including our bodies, can be calming and pleasant, or can turn on us and level us at any moment. Faced with this frightening vulnerability, I find the only comforting attitude is faith, rather than believing it is all under the control of the random gods of science. That the catastrophic potential of nature can possess a rhyme and reason, and can be sympathetic to our thoughts, feelings and prayers provides a solace I find necessary to have the courage to live without constant worry about my security and health. We all have to die sometime, but I like to think when it happens it will from some perspective make sense.

I try to express my affinity with nature, and my faith, in my poems, songs and photography. If this appeals to you, may I suggest you check out my work at

Thanks for your support of my music,

In song and in spirit,

Paul Kloschinsky

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