May 2013 Newsletter

Where do you find meaning these days? A sense of purpose for both yourself and the world. Something that tells you who you are and what you were put here to do, and guides you to do what you should do every morning.


We hear a lot these days about the busy and information saturated lives most people are living, and we can sometimes be adrift on a sea of media images, stories and ads. For me there is little meaning in this bright light of the media, and when my soul touches civilization this way, I feel anxious and overwhelmed.


To find the true source of inner tranquility and strength requires leaving behind the noise and materialism of contemporary culture and embracing the silence and the darkness. It is there you can touch something within you that can support and guide you with a sense of purpose and give you the courage to be who you were meant to be.


I also find this connection when my soul touches nature. The mysteries of the natural world, which were created independently of any intervention of man, can contain the depths and possibilities of my true nature far better then the constricting straitjacket of civilization. A trip to the mountains or woods leaves me feeling centered and whole in contrast to the worry I feel when confronted by the media.


I have tried to express this transcendent quality of nature in my music, poetry and photography and would like to invite you to check out my work if any of this resonates with you at


I have released two albums, Woodlands, and Like Your Hero,  that deal with such themes such as love, loss, spirituality, nature, melancholy, temptation, the night and adventure in honest and evocative songs. I won the 2007 MusicAid Award for Best Canadian Songwriter for my original song Wearin’ Blue. They are both available on iTunes and other online vendors.


I have published three volumes of poetry, A Time To Cry, Deliverance and Simplicity that are available on Amazon.


I also have some music videos on YouTube you might like, and would welcome any of your comments.


Finally, if you like fine art photography I have some of that too at


Thanks again for your support of my music.


In song and in spirit,


Paul Kloschinsky

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