March 2013 Newsletter

As we drift into the 21st century, it becomes easier to put the previous century into perspective. World Wars, the Cold War, the astonishing advances in technology, and widespread post-Darwinian atheism, all led to an epidemic of materialism and nihilism, leaving most people living lives devoid of meaning and hope for anything beyond this short existence on Earth.


Looking back at history, there seems to be traditional sources of meaning that the 20th Century just refused to acknowledge. Although organized religion has stopped meeting a lot of people’s needs for many years, there are other sources of substance that have historically helped people find a meaningful relationship to the cosmos.


Perhaps, it is time for Nature, Art and Spirituality to reassert themselves as traditional sources of expression and connection to the Divine. I have certainly found great solace from them in the face of an existential civilization and mass media.


If any of this appeals to you, may I suggest you check out my work at I have released two albums, Woodlands, and Like Your Hero,  that deal with such themes such as love, loss, spirituality, nature, melancholy, temptation, the night and adventure in honest and evocative songs. I won the 2007 MusicAid Award for Best Canadian Songwriter for my original song Wearin’ Blue. They are both available on iTunes and other online vendors.


I also have published three volumes of poetry, A Time To Cry, Deliverance and Simplicity that are available on Amazon.


I also have some music videos on YouTube you might like, and would welcome any of your comments.


Finally, if you like fine art photography I have some of that too at


Thanks again for your support of my music.


In song and in spirit,


Paul Kloschinsky

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