June 2013 Newsletter

Its all so easy to digest. Heros and villians that are easy to classify, superficial, simple goals, sensationalist gossip, squeaky clean values, and the celebration of youth and good looks as the only valuable time in life. All designed to keep people consumming the latest gadgets, fast food and alcoholic drinks without thinking too much about the state of our civilization, and it’s implicit values. With people spending most of their leasure time in front of the tube, they are scarcly forced to grow up, and deal with the  real issues facing humanity, like war, exploitation, poverty and racism, a well as the short time we actually have here, and the inevitability of aging and death.

The explosion of popular culture since the 1960s has produced an entertainment industry that has honed its appeal to a slick, cynical formula, that goes after the lowest common denominator, so is profitable, but of dubious value. And the celebrities are put forth as the new deity, possessing uncommon talents that put them so much above the rest of us, with their real imperfections and humanity hidden beneath a slick veneer.

Like a jewel hidden beneath the garbage put out by the media, there lies the traditional realms of art, literature and music, their age old forms mostly neglected in the past century. Here you are comfronted with the real issues of life on this planet, with all its pathos, joy, struggle and hidden meaning. There you’ll find more questions than answers, more mysteries than certainties, and mythologies and tales a lot more sophisticated and challenging than what’s told to us by the sitcoms and dramas on the TV. In Greek myth, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Rembrandt and so many other artists we find humanity in all it’s imperfect glory, shared responsibilities, and immortal destinies.

In my work I have tried to be true to the spirit of these great artists of the past, and express authentically and honestly my real experiences and the world around me. You can check out my work at http://www.kloschinsky.com.

Thank you for your support of my music,

In song and in spirit,

Paul Kloschinsky

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