July 2019 Newsletter


The 20th century saw the flourishing of the scientific revolution in its attempt to discern the math and logic behind all phenomena. It was a century of endless studies into matter, energy, as well as the mind and human behaviour, and has so far continued into the 21st century. The objective world has been meticulously dissected from the subatomic to the realms of galaxies and the universe, and the material world has never been illuminated as brightly, and understood more deeply, than the current age. All this came at the cost, however, of any sense or understanding of spirit and our subjective depths and possibilities.

Still, even after all these endless studies and investigations we still can’t seem to make sense of it all. The meaning of life and the purpose of our being here remains as elusive as ever. The answers to these fundamental questions requires turning away from the objective world of many things, and turning inward to the subjective realm of spirit, to touch our true natures, the depths of which flickers in inner darkness beyond the floodlights of science.

I have found that in the cathedral of nature and our subjective depths we can touch the surreal, transcendent realm of spirit, the source of poetry, art and myth. Our unconscious, it seems to me, is far from being just some repressed realm of aggressiveness and infant sexuality, but rather is a treasure chest of wisdom and potentialities of the human spirit.

Without the idea of higher powers and the immortality of the soul, the truth of which remains a mystery not ruled out by science, all the endless studies of the objective world will never make sense of our lives and time here. A purely materialistic attitude makes the state of our bodies and our possessions all that matters as goals, leading to a desperate clinging to the objective world, and a pervasive nihilistic cynicism that nothing else matters. This attitude utterly fails to prepare us for the second half of life, and the ultimate tragedy that all things in the outer world decay and die, and our time here is very finite and short.

Touching the transcendent within us gives a deeper significance to life and sheds light on our shared pilgrimage on the crooked road to salvation, giving true hope in a life hereafter that justifies our suffering and struggles here, and gives a grace and serenity that all the countless scientific studies in the world can never give.

So perhaps it’s time to heal from the horrors of the 20th century, and believe in something again, for without faith in the face of the eternal mysteries, our lives here are in the end all just an absurd joke.

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