January 2014 Newsletter

The Modern Mythology

Myths are as old as humanity, and traditionally taught ethical values and provided context for the different situations life can present one with. They also explained how we got here and the origins of natural phenomena like the seasons. Ancient myths were complex and challenging, like life itself.


It seems to me that mythology is still alive and strong in our modern society. Science has provided us with our current creation myth, the purely materialistic, unproven theory that natural selection drove the evolutionary process, without a Divine hand, as proposed by Darwin. A theory responsible for the atrocities of the 20th century, which were commited by the so called “fittest”, who thought they could get away with murder and genocide.


The stories people are told about life and it’s values are certainly on the TV and in the movies from Hollywood. Most spend every evening watching the sitcoms and dramas, and many weekends at the cinemas. I find these heros and villians too easy to classify, the answers and values put forth too simplistic, and the ridicule directed towards anyone lying outside a narrow notion of normality arrogant and destructive. Life is a lot more complex and challenging than these stories portray, and as the traditional myths of the past show us, the answers are more sophisticated, difficult and subtle.


Finally, I think the modern deity is now presented as the celebrities. Those extremely beautiful, smart and talented people that are so far above us normal mortals. Indeed, many people actively follow their trials and tribulations, larger than life lifestyles, and look to them as having special powers. I suspect that in truth they are just as flawed and human as the rest of us, and perhaps we should reserve such special status for the truly divine.


I want to thank you for your support of my music, and would like to invite you to check out my work in photography, poetry and song at http://www.kloschinsky.com. I try to make my work as spiritual and authentic as possible, and hope you might find there something you can relate to.


In Song and in Spirit,


Paul Kloschinsky


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