The Casualties of Modernity

The 20th century left many things wounded or dead in its wake. A shattered Greek vase, a vandalized Madonna and child, a fractured statue of the Buddha. All things that once meant much to humanity, but were abused and tossed out as delusion by modernity. Instead, in their place, reason, science and statistics were elevated to the status of supreme deity, with the expectation they will eventually understand all and give salvation from the hard stony truths of mortality. Since Darwin and his purely materialistic creation myth, humanity has lost any sense of Spirit, and its fundamental duality with matter. The proper domain of reason and science is the objective world of matter, where things can be quantified, experiments conducted, and reason used to solve problems. The subjective realm of spirit, however, lies beyond scientific inquiry, and is qualitative, and best understood through poetry, myth, music and art in a figurative or allegorical fashion.

I for one am sick of the bleak, meaningless old tale told by modernity, which has left many people terribly neurotic and despairing, particularly as they face aging and death. There has been no experiment that ruled out a higher power and the afterlife,  as these things remain mysteries, and outside the realm of science. The imbalance of the modern reliance on the left hemisphere exclusively perhaps should now be reconciled with the qualities of the right hemisphere, such as intuition, feelings, emotion and a sense of spirit that pervades nature. Indeed, a reintegration of nature, art and spirituality with the technological tools modernity has given us may be one of the great imperatives of the coming century.