A Time To Cry

Here are a few excerpts from my book A Time To Cry:

My Mind Howls


My mind howls at the night.

Ablaze with vibrant colors,

in conversation with ghosts,

attacked by bands of thieves,

a withdrawal into my labyrinth,

in heroic struggle with slippery beasts,

grasping women who vanish,

the urban lights a sensuous seduction.

Leading me to wander

through cold city streets,

where my hunger is unsatisfied,

and irritable from my failure

I become autistic and perplexed

and they drag me to the hospital

and put me on medicine.


My Parent’s Grief


I was too busy chasing demons

to even notice them.


The shining lights of the city

reflected on the water

like a candlelight vigil.


Then the attacks by the rabid beasts;

with the fights,

and crucifixions,

and confusion.


It was only later

in the hospital,

bound and medicated,

that I noticed –


my father’s graying hair,

my mother’s wrinkling face,

and the deep sorrow


and concern

in both their eyes;


blanketing me like

Mary at Jesus’s death.


Lost Love


Your splendor lives on in my mind tonight,

The soft glow of your face as you climbed the stairs.

No harsh lines leaped forth in the dim moonlight

Or ungraceful moves, just the curls in your hair.

We laughed and we danced and you held my hand tight,

With a bond that I thought should never end,

Soon the music ended and something so right

Was left hanging in thin air, a prayer to send.

So how was I to know you were attached,

With husband and child that both hold you dear,

All I knew is that we were perfectly matched,

My heart leapt though they say I can’t draw you near.

I didn’t know what to say or how far I’d get,

But your face drew first blood from the moment we met.

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